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Ranthambor city information

Ranthambore - the undisputed thrilling destination to spot Tigers and numerous Animals which we might have never heard of. In Ranthambore you don't see a Tiger, you see Jhumroo, Jhmri, Machchli, Bachchi, Sultanpur Mother or Isabelle (named after a BBC's cameraman's daughter). Experts would take you through various Circuits and would also tell you interesting story related to each and every Tiger. Ranthambore National Park has an excellent network of tracks and more than half the core area is open to Visitors. Best time to visit is October to June. Park remain closed for July - Sept

How to reach Ranthambore

By Road : Delhi to Sawai Madhopur (the town closest to the Ranthambore National Park) via Jaipur and Tonk is a 440 Kms/8 hours drive. Private Vehicles are not allowed into Park. Driving from Jaipur would take 3-4 hours (180 Kms.)

By Rail : The Kota Jan Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Kota leaves Delhi Nizamuddin Station at 1.10 pm and arrives at Sawai Madhopur at 6 pm. The Dehradun Express from New Delhi station, which does an overnight run to Sawai Madhopur ia a convenient way to getting Ranthambhore (leaves 9.40 pm, arrives 5 am).

Distance from major cities
Ranthambore - New Delhi 450 Kms
Ranthambore - Jaipur 180 Kms
Ranthambore - Udaipur 405 Kms
Ranthambore - Jodhpur 476 Kms
Ranthambore - Ajmer 272 Kms

Places to see

Ranthambore National Park :: This is a Government project to save the tigers.
Here you can see the tigers, leopards, hyena, jackal, for, blue bull, chinkara & sloth bears. Hotels arrange for Jeep Safaris with a Guide at a very reasonable price but needs to be booked very well in advance.

Ranthambore Fort :: This fort is situated on the top of a hill in the dense jungle.

Mansarovar and Surwal :: Mansarovar is large deep lake, 24 Kms from Ranthambhore Bagh, known for its picturesque sunsets, while Surwal is a shadow lake. Both these water bodies are excellent for winter migratories like Demoiselle Cranes, Pelicans, Flamingoes, Bar Headed and greylag geese.

Pushkar city information

Pushkar the holy place is famous the world renowned camel fair & the Holy lake. The lake was formed when Lord Brahma dropped a lotus here. Pushkar is the mixture of Indian & many other foreign culture. Pushkar is an important pilgrim for Hindu people. It has world's only temple of Lord Bramha (God of Creation). Best time to visit Pushkar is during the Pushkar fair, this time the town becomes a cultural hub, people from all over India & all across the globe gathers here to enjoy the most grand Camel fair.

Pushkar Fair Dates

2005 :: 8th to 15th November
2006 :: 29th October to 5th November
2007 :: 17th to 24 November
2008 :: 5th to 13th November
2009 :: 25th October to 2nd November
2010 :: 13th to 21 November

How to reach Pushkar

Pushkar is well connected by roads. Ajmer is just 11 kms, is well connected to all major cities by trains. There are so many regular buses to/from Ajmer.
Nearest Airport :: Jaipur 145 Kms
Click here to see the Accessibility of Ajmer

Distance from major cities Heritage Rajasthan - Tour Package for Rajasthan
Ajmer - New Delhi 392 Kms
Ajmer - Mumbai 1071 Kms
Ajmer - Jaipur 131 Kms
Ajmer - Udaipur 274 Kms
Ajmer - Jodhpur 205 Kms
Ajmer - Jaisalmer 490 Kms

Places to see

Pushkar Sarovar :: The holy lake is surrounded by numerous ghats & temples. The lake is very busy in the morning, all the devotees & Sadhus take the holy bath in the Sarovar.

Temples :: There are so many big & small temples in Pushkar. The famous & major temple is the Bramha Temple.

Bramha Temple :: This world's only temple devoted to Bramha, is situated near the market in the old town. Apparently Lord Brahma wanted to perform a Yagna (self mortification) at the lake, and when his wife Savitri didn't attend, he married another woman on a whim. Savitri, understandably annoyed, vowed that brahma would not be worshipped anywhere else. It's marked by a red spire, and over the entrance gateway is the hans, or the goose symbol, of Bramha.

Pushkar Fair :: Every year so many people converge on the small town with there thousands of camel & other animals. The seven day Camel Fair starts from Neomi & ends on the Kartik Purnima (Full Moon). Besides the business of camels, horses, cow & bulls, people enjoy the camel, horse & bullock cart races. lot of foreign tourist also take part in the races & fun games.

Jaisalmer city information

Jaisalmer is a must visit destination in Rajasthan. It is very colorful, vibrant & energetic. Jaisalmer - "the land of sand" is famous fro its exotic sand dunes, the Fort, friendly people and interesting lifestyle.

How to reach Jaisalmer

By Road :: There are deluxe & semi-deluxe buses to Jodhpur in every hour. Deluxe buses are also available for Jaipur, Bikaner & Ajmer.

By Rail :: There are so many express tains to/from Jaisalmer. The Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Express leaves to Jodhpur at 11:15 PM & reaches at 5:15 AM, the same train leaves Jodhpur at 11:15 PM & arrives Jaisalmer at 5:05 AM. The Jaisalmer Delhi Express departs at 3:30 PM & reaches Jodhpur at 9:30 PM, Jaipur at 5:20 AM & Delhi at 10:20 AM.

By Air :: There are frequent flights to Jodhpur & Jaipur.

Distance from Major Cities
Jaisalmer - New Delhi 882 Kms
Jaisalmer - Mumbai 1341 Kms
Jaisalmer - Jaipur 621 Kms
Jaisalmer - Udaipur 545Kms
Jaisalmer - Jodhpur 285 Kms

Places to see

Jaisalmer Fort :: The majestic 250 feet high fort is made up of yellow stones. It as built by the Rajput Ruler Jaisala in 1156. This fort has lot of interesting things to see like the poles & traditional Havelies, you can stay there in the fort coz there are so many hotels & houses in the Fort.

Patwon ki Haveli :: These havelies are beautifully designed & crafted very finely. the Jhali work is simply amazing.

Gadi Sagar Lake :: The lake was once the water supply of Jaisalmer, there are so many beautiful temples around the lake. You can enjoy the boating from 8 AM to 9 PM.

Sam Sand Dunes :: The beautiful sand dunes of Sam & camel safari is a must activity there.

Museums :: There are three major museums in Jaisalmer, they are Desert Culture Museum, Jaisalmer Folklore Museum and Government Museum. All of them are worth to visit.